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 vestige x custom private server come join

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PostSubject: vestige x custom private server come join   Fri Aug 16, 2013 9:43 am

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VestigeX is a new up and coming 317 Runescape Private Server, that is owned and ran by Bill. A one-man team who isn't afraid of a challenge and is an excellent Coder. VestigeX has many interesting and unique features and qualities. Some of these features are listed below.

-Vps No Lag!
-Random Server Disconnections Cut Down To A Minimum.
-Loads of Customs, Includeing Wings, Ganja Cape, Beastly Sword, and more!
-Dupe Free.
-Helpful Community and Staff Selection.
-Great Economy
-Updates are released constantly.
-New Customs are released Weekly.
-Fast,Responsive,Dedicated,and Helpful Staff Team.
-Custom Donator Zone, with Custom Donator Bosses.
-Custom Point systems are used to buy Rare and Valuable Items.
-40+ Online on Average.
-Staking, Gambling, and Pking is quite popular among the majority of players.
-All Skills Fully Functional
-Completionist Cape.
-Level Point System.
-Flawless PK

Here are some Screenshots of just a fraction of what VestigeX Beholds.

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vestige x custom private server come join
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